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Project Description

Guitars Under The Stars Project

We were part of the team that launched Guitars Under The Stars. For year one we did all of the graphics and marketing. We are no longer working on Guitars Under The Stars, but the work we did for year 1 makes a good showcase for the variety of services we offer.

From scratch we created a brand, logos, a cohesive design, a robust ad campaign on social media & television. Take a look at the assets associated with this project and imagine what we could do for your business or event. If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

What can we do for you?


Company Logo Design/Brand

It all stars with a brand… in this case 2 logos. We incorporated the shape of the state with elements of grass and a beautiful sunset to create a logo that effectively captures Oregon in the summer.

Event Logo Design/Brand

The second logo was harder. After several iterations in Illustrator we landed on a logo that hinted at the musical adventure this show promised. It turned out to be very flexible in its usage in the various assets that were created for this project.

Branded Website

Next on the list was building a top notch website. I used WordPress and built a custom theme. WordPress’ many built in SEO and social sharing features make it a popular choice. The site was designed with the carefully chosen color palette  and the logo designs. The design used bold colors and a simple layout.

Event Flyer

You will notice that we had great continuity in our design across all of the assets. This flyer was one of several versions printed. It was printed on a thick stock and had a great ascetic.

Sponsor Package

Again… the design was utilized in all the assets. This continuity of usage builds confidence externally. It says, “This company is well run and understands the effective branding”.

Event Wristbands

We designed and printed custom Tyvek event wristbands. The multiple color choices and ability to print full color gave us opportunities to extend the branding and present options of advertisers and sponsors to extend their presence.

Traditional Handbills

Handbills are an effective way to get word out on your event. We designed this simple handbill. It’s a cost effective way of reaching people. You just need some outgoing folks to hand them out!

Assets on Business Card Stock

We extended the handbill. We re-purposed business cards as attractive and effective handbills. We also used them as parking and camping passes.

4.5′ x 6′ Banner

We came up with multiple banner designs. This one was popular… so popular people kept stealing them! This banner was 6 feet by 4 and a half. It was very effective when combined with the other marketing assets.

10′ x 4.5′ Banner

These larger banners were effective… and because they were so large, they were hard to steal! With an effective design large banners are indispensable. We also did 18 foot tall banners for the columns on the stage.

Television Spot

We made several variations on this same spot that highlighted different sponsors. Again… the design theme for this project was carried through to the commercial. We also used the playing card graphics. The playing cards were a novel way to portray the artists performing in the show. The playing card graphic was also used in theater stills, banners and online advertising in Facebook, Groupon, Google and more.