Your Vote Still Counts!

//Your Vote Still Counts!

Your Vote Still Counts!

Hey California, New Jersey and remaining primary states… the News is telling you that Hillary Clinton is the Nominee. She is not. The Super Delegates that they are using to determine that DO NOT vote till July. They want to trick you into staying home tomorrow.

PLEASE, go vote tomorrow, Juny 7th! Your vote WILL COUNT! In fact your vote will count more than any others. With a strong win in Californian Bernie Sanders will win the nomination. The reason they have declared Hillary today is to make you think your vote will not matter. It does… IT DOES. For the love of all things good, go vote tomorrow!

Super Delegates
The media is purposely miscounted Super Delegates. Super Delegates do not vote until July 25th at the Democrat National Convention. It is only with those Super Delegates counted now can Hillary be called the Nominee. She is NOT… Not yet. And that is why it is so desperately important for you to vote on June 7th. With a large enough win for Bernie in the remaining states He could overtake Hillary in Pledged Delegates. At that point she loses.

The mainstream media is in the can for Hillary. They are owned by Hillary donors. That is why they are taking this unprecidented step of declaring Hillary the winner on the eve of the most important day of voting in the entire primary. You have the chance to change what will be a disastrous presidency. Because, if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee, we are giong to be stuck with Trump or Hillary. Neither will do.

Go out and vote. Your country needs! Bernie Needs Your Vote… And YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!!

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