Ideas For the Bossanova

Bossanova Ideas

Ideas From Around The Web
They have a nice event slider. The rest of the site is lackluster.
I like the clean design and the slider. In regards to the Bossanova site I would like to see a large slider that highlights the BIG DRAW shows.  Then below that an event slider similar to the Crystal Ballroom’s.
This is a cool idea. When people check-in to an event at the club and post about it… the plugin aggregates those posts to one page. There is another variation on this idea where you can post photos live from the event. They are turned into a photo wall on the site. Helps create the atmosphere outwardly that this is a happenin’ place.


Some Site I’ve Done
This is the site I did for Dave/OEM. It also has the theme of having a slider at the top drawing attention to the important upcoming events.
This is a site I did for a meat company in Sandy.